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Beginning Teacher Learning Communities

While most beginning teachers seek and value opportunities for learning, they usually find themselves on overload—from lesson planning to extra curricular duties—often lasting into the night. So it is important that induction leaders provide Beginning Teacher Learning Communities (BTLC) that they find worthwhile.

A Consortium Approach to High-Quality Teacher Induction

New Teacher Center has successfully supported a number of lead agencies in different states with the creation and management of a consortium approach to the design and implementation of high-quality teacher induction programs.

Early Learning: Supporting Teachers of Our Youngest Children

The gap between advantaged and disadvantaged children appears early in life. With an increasing number of children in the United States being born into families that face poverty, providing early supports becomes even more important. Heckman

High Quality Mentoring & Induction Practices

A resource for education leaders seeking to create and/or improve induction programs with practices that support teacher retention, teacher development, and improved student learning.


Executive Summary: Support From the Start

New Teacher Center’s monitoring of state policies around support for new teachers and school principals takes stock of policy changes over the last five years since our last report and summarizes what actions states have taken to strengthen on-the-job support for beginning educators.

An Induction Program Impact Plan

This practice brief offers information and examples to help induction programs articulate their impact while structuring an effective impact plan.