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What We Offer

Empowered Teaching. Thriving Schools.

Empowered Teaching. Thriving Schools.

Building Partnerships, Understanding Needs

NTC’s collaborative programs help you build an equitable, sustainable culture in your school system and optimal learning environments in your classrooms. When you work with us, students learn more, instructional practice improves, and teachers stay in their jobs.

What We Offer
What We Offer

How It Works


In a word: coaching.

At every level: coaching for teachers and district leaders, for principals and administrators, and for coaches themselves. For every educator in your system.

And at every touchpoint, from one-on-one mentoring to communities of practice. Instructional coaching surrounds educators and schools with support so you can focus on what matters most: your students. All of them, in all their diversity.

Especially those who are systemically underserved:

  • BIPOC students
  • Students experiencing poverty
  • Multilingual learners
  • Students with learning differences
  • Immigrant students

NTC’s coaching programs help you solve systemic inequities by:

  • Recentering your educational circle around diverse student populations
  • Challenging all students to rise to rigorous academic standards
  • Transforming the classroom into an oasis of love and empathy
  • Humanizing teaching and empowering educators
  • Aligning and strengthening school instructional cultures
What We Offer

Why Coaching

We’ve seen proven, time-tested results from coaching.

It’s the bridge to professional success for educators, capacity building in schools and districts, and better outcomes for students. Coaching spans and balances educational ecosystems, connects people, and opens routes to sustainable change and growth.

  • Integration of academics and social-emotional learning
    Creating a cohesive student experience that is both nurturing and academically challenging.
  • Capacity building
    Raising up individuals and whole communities by directing focus inward and outward. 
  • Cycles of improvement
    Setting a foundation with a common and widely understood approach.
  • Intensity of supports
    Matching job-embedded and content-based resourcing with identified needs.

Coaching People

NTC was founded 20 years ago by a group of teachers who knew from experience that successful students depended on successful teachers. Teachers who were confident, empathic, and supported in the continuous improvement of their craft.

Our model continues to expand and evolve from our founders’ simple but powerful understanding. We serve schools and districts large and small, with customized coaching-based programs that tap your people’s assets. Together, we meet targeted needs and enable the right conditions for everyone to be actively engaged with coaching.

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“NTC’s tools have really opened our eyes to how we look at our work. Our teachers don’t think of observations as an “I gotcha” moment any more. They see it as a partnership. They say I want to do another one because I want to improve this skill.”

Cheryl Pickney, Lead Mentor, New Teacher Induction Program,
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Coaching Cultures

Thriving students and teachers are sustained by strong, vibrant ecosystems around them. District leaders, principals, and administrators build and nurture those ecosystems.

NTC’s programs help you align your values, set goals, and build capacity to create an integrated, cohesive learning culture, where all educators feel supported, where the power of the curriculum is harnessed, and where all students succeed.


Voices from the Field

“NTC helps us work together and get clear about what we want for our kids — and that channels innovation and creativity. One person cannot fix or move the district from point A to point B. It’s a community effort. It’s a team effort. And NTC is a key part of the team.”

Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell
Oakland Unified School District

“Coming from a classroom and being a veteran teacher, you sometimes feel like you’re out there by yourself. I have never felt the level of support I’ve felt while working with NTC. For the first time I truly felt like there were no silly questions. It was just continuous support for coaches and for teachers.”

Jenniefer Siler
Full Release Coach
Eastern Kentucky

“At the start of our partnership, NTC provided intensive support. Now, the support is just as valuable as they’ve moved into more of a consultancy role. That’s a testament to how they build capacity for individuals and systems.”

Claire Cullen
Induction Program Leader
Chicago Public Schools

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Proven Results
Proven Results

From increased teacher retention to improved student outcomes, our work drives real results.