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What We Offer

Coaching Cultures

Coaching Cultures

Aligning Ecosystems, Building Communities

An optimal learning environment in classrooms depends on an aligned instructional culture throughout schools and districts. NTC’s programs ensure that all educators — teachers, coaches, leaders — are connected to the center, feel clear and secure everywhere in the ecosystem, and share equally in building and strengthening its identity.

When that happens, students are surrounded with support, so they can thrive academically and emotionally.

Our ingredients to implement long-lasting change, ecosystem sustainability, and continuous improvement:

Vision & Expectations


Vision & Expectations

There is a shared vision of teaching and learning

Educator Mindset


Educator Mindset

Educators are invested in the vision and in the strategy to achieve it

Educator Capacity


Educator Capacity

Educators have the capacity to make the shared vision come to life




Educators have access to and use high-quality materials




Educators have access to and use high-quality assessments to inform instruction

Student Support


Student Support

There is a data-driven system to ensure all students thrive




There is a system to monitor progress and hold educators accountable for student learning

Family and Community Partnership


Family and Community Partnership

Educators build ongoing and trusting relationships with families and the community they serve

Coaching Cultures

How We Work With You

A partnership, not a product

When you partner with NTC, we co-create programs tailored to your unique needs, budget, and timeline, supported by a plan to implement, monitor, and sustain them.

We’ll sit down together and build your school an equitable, humanized educational culture of high-quality learning, increased teacher retention, and better student outcomes.

Here’s how we do it:

It starts with listening. You tell us:

  • Where your system is strong
  • Where your system is challenged
  • Where there are inequities
  • Where you want to drive change
  • The vision you imagine

Then let’s make a plan that will:

  • Center on students
  • Move toward equity and empathy
  • Involve educators at all levels of your system
  • Develop instructional best practices that are culturally appropriate and curriculum-activating
  • Aim for rigorous academic standards
  • Align school culture

Then we tailor to your system:

  • Instructional coaching and induction programs
  • Job-embedded educator supports at all levels
  • Peer networking solutions
  • Professional learning communities
  • Tools to measure demonstrated impact

You’re ensured continuous improvement with:

  • Two-year professional learning programs for educators at all levels
  • Two-year instructional peer coaching programs
  • Regular forums that maintain communities of educational practice

You get tools for long-term sustainability:

  • Mentorship programs for continuous evaluation
  • Data-driven evidence of student learning outcomes
  • A plan for evolving the curriculum appropriate to school culture
  • Professional learning opportunities to maintain and increase continuous connection

Let’s talk!

Want to collaborate with us to improve student learning? Our experienced educator team is ready to help.

Coaching Cultures

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“We’ve got a lot of people talking about equity”

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