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About Us

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We believe that every student, from preschool through high school, deserves an excellent and equitable education that empowers them to reach their full potential in classrooms, communities, and beyond.



NTC works to disrupt the predictability of educational inequities for systemically underserved students by accelerating educator effectiveness.

“NTC has opened our eyes to a holistic approach to coaching teachers. We get them comfortable in trying things, and then reflecting on it and using the cycle of tools. At the end of the school year they’ve truly had support all along.”

James Littlejohn, Assistant District Superintendent of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction, Clint (TX) Independent School District

“When conversations with staff about how we look at equity are difficult, NTC has helped us make them approachable, accessible, meaningful, and relevant. Instead of tiptoeing into them, we’re pushing ourselves into more courageous spaces, and having them in a way that’s thoughtful and has positive outcomes with kids and families. NTC has helped us do deeper-level thinking in an ongoing way.”

Caroline Jones, Early Learning Principal, Oakland Unified School District

“NTC has given me support and structure to help me grow my practice. I’m constantly reflecting on what I did, what I can learn, where I can go.”

Tori Anders, Full Release Coach, Laurel County, Kentucky

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