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Why Partners Count On Us

We Know What You’re Up Against

Over 50 million kids don’t simply face more challenges in their learning journeys. Systemically underserved students often experience harm and deficit-mindset thinking from their school systems.

In an effort to confront systemic issues head-on, educators can often only manage inequities, not dismantle them. Schools experience fragmentation, professional development is siloed, teachers leave, students hurt.

Why Partners Count On Us

We’re Building New, Student-Centered School Ecosystems

To honor each student’s talents and immense potential, teaching and learning must be inclusive, holistic, and rigorous. NTC’s programs accelerate and expand effective coaching practices in order to support and empower educators throughout your schools.

Lasting change happens when we sit side-by-side in a true, co-creative partnership. Together, we help remap and align your ecosystem, equipping you with the means to sustain your success through our data-proven coaching model. That’s what sets us apart. And it’s why you can count on us, even after our partnership ends.

What We’re Doing

We Center On Equity

BIPOC students, students with learning differences, students experiencing poverty, immigrant students, and multilingual learners: these are the kids most systemically underserved by the status quo.

When we center around them, elevate their gifts, and remove barriers to their success, classrooms are transformed. They become what we call Optimal Learning Environments. And every one of our programs is a solution designed to help you create them.


We Empower All Educators

NTC’s coaching model serves teachers, teacher-leaders, administrators, coaches — everywhere there’s an educator, we show up with programs to galvanize instructional practice and align educational cultures.


We Deliver Results

Our approach is time-tested — and it works. The data proves it. And we’re always working to evolve our programs to respond to best practices and urgent needs.


We Work Everywhere

NTC was founded by a small group of teachers 20 years ago. Since then, our reach has expanded across the country — but we’re still rooted in our collaborative approach, partnering with schools and districts of every size and every type. Today, we serve nearly two million students and more than 25,000 teachers in 22 states and over 400 school districts.

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To increase and intensify coaching on its campuses, James and Nadia recognized that the district as a whole needed to work toward alignment.

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Our Impact

Our programs transform systems big and small to unlock student potential.

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