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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report: Anchored in Equity

What if? This question has been a refrain at the New Teacher Center for 25 years and counting. It’s how we got started, answering what-if questions about how to support and sustain new teachers. And it’s what drives our professional learning approach — translating the research of learning and development to unlock powerful instruction, bringing equity to every corner of schools to nurture students’ well-being, prosperity, and genius.

2022 Annual Report: The Work Behind the Work

Each year, our teams devote thousands of hours to reflection, prep, and iteration. But we rarely pull the curtain back to spotlight the intense and intentional process – the deep, messy, hard work – that makes it all happen. We can only move at the speed of trust, so we must invest in process; it’s the difference between creating good and creating brilliant transformational experiences for our partners.

2021 Annual Report: Community Rising Together

Our students and educators need to see, feel, and believe that we’re fighting to make optimal learning environments — thriving schools where everyone succeeds in heart and mind — the norm. NTC acknowledges the lingering pain, uncertainty, and anxiety of the past few years, and pledges to step up boldly in community with others to achieve a new vision for education equity.