Our Impact

When teachers participate in the NTC induction model, students gain up to five months of additional learning. Providing new teachers with research-based, high-quality mentoring and coaching better prepares teachers and, ultimately, boosts student achievement.

Source: SRI International Evaluation, 2017

Months of Additional Learning

Our teacher induction program is structured to drive results

High-quality, trained instructional mentors

Small mentor caseloads (No more than 15 teachers if mentor is released full-time)

Formative assessment systems that guide instruction and student supports

Regular job-embedded, in-person, one-on-one feedback, focused on instruction

Consistent data use for program improvement

Students succeed when we support educators


Increase in teacher retention

After two years of NTC support, new teacher retention in Hillsborough County Public Schools District increased 31%, and 90% of NTC-trained mentors and coaches remained in the district after five years. With decreased turnover rates, districts were able to save funds and resources while investing and supporting educators who were able to increase student learning over time.

Evidence shows that NTC-trained mentors provide more instructionally focused support and student-centered support than control teachers. With job-embedded observation and feedback, teachers supported by NTC receive help that directly impacts their practice and the success of their students.

NTC mentors provide more instructionally focused support

NTC mentors provide more student-centered support

Source: SRI International Evaluation, 2015

School and teacher leadership matters for student performance

We all know school leadership is important. Now we have the data that quantifies the impact of instructional leadership on student achievement.  Students in schools with the highest levels of reported instructional and teacher leadership perform up to 10 percentage points higher in both math and English language arts on nationally normed assessments of proficiency, compared with schools with the lowest levels.

Source: NTC Ingersoll Report Practice Brief, 2017

Our 2019-2020 Reach

Our momentum is growing. By expanding our reach and ensuring depth of impact, NTC is working to end educational inequity for students across the country.










Instructional Leaders

Source: Program Quality Survey and Learning Zone Enrollment Data, 2020

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By building capacity among districts and providing educators with evidence-based, high-quality mentoring and instructional coaching supports, we’re changing the face of public education. Contact us to learn how our work can impact your districts’ educators and students.

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