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Our Impact

We Improve Teacher Retention

We Improve Teacher Retention

Empowering Teachers With Staying Power.

An empowered teacher is the heart and soul of a thriving classroom.

Our co-creative process gives teachers an equal stake in building their school’s culture. That inspires them to stay, keeping the culture vibrant and strong.

(And it saves money.)

The NTC Difference

The retention rate for NTC-supported teachers is 22 points higher than teachers without our support.

22 point

in teacher retention
Teacher Retention Rates

Teacher Retention Rates


Post NTC-Support 2009–2010




of NTC-trained mentors

still in district after 5 years



$1 million

in district savings

Over a 5-year investment in NTC support. Districts can save over $1M for reinvestment.

Key Takeaways

Empower teachers where they teach

Empower teachers where they teach

When teachers feel connected to their school’s culture, they stay.

The circle of power

The circle of power

When teachers stay, they feed power back into their school’s culture.

Return on investment

Return on investment

Teacher retention saves schools money.

The Stories Behind the Numbers

“ Not only are our students transient, our teachers are transient.” – Heidi Foley, Lead mentor

“We [Osceola County] had not established a new teacher induction program. And I know that I personally had heard about new teacher induction programs in different areas, but we did not have one….everybody was assigned a mentor, but it wasn’t an established program. Every school kind of figured out how to do things, to keep their teachers in the profession. But now our partnership with NTC actually made it to where all of a sudden this became an established program.”

Elizabeth Salvato
Former Lead Mentor
Osceola County

“They’ll say they wouldn’t have made it through the year had it not been for that support person, just to be there, to talk with them, to plan with them, to help guide them through that whole process of teaching and all that it entails for the whole year.”

Megan Dierickx
Program Lead
Osceola County

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