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Who We Serve

Student-Centered, Educator-Powered

Student-Centered, Educator-Powered

Everything We Do Starts With the Student

Starting with the student means initiating change in a district to best serve the social, emotional, and academic success of that student.

By disrupting biases in education that hold back underserved students, our programs shift mindsets and inspire fresh approaches proven to improve outcomes for all.

Student Writing with Pencil

NTC serves all students. Especially these often underserved communities:

  • BIPOC students
  • Students experiencing poverty
  • Multilingual learners
  • Students with learning differences
  • Immigrant students

Voices from the Classroom

“I want every student to feel empowered…”

I want to see that every student feels empowered and has agency and that they’re able to speak and that they’re able to raise their ideas and they’re able to feel safe and comfortable, and they feel like they belong in class…

Alejandra Meza, Student

“Being better at my practice…”

So when I came in, I was new to a district level position. I was new to the curriculum just because there had never been a curriculum position in my district before. I was new to even knowing what that would look like or what the expectations kind of were for my position…

Sarah Watkins, Supervisor of Instruction, Corbin (KY) Middle School & High School

Educators as Changemakers

Educators as Changemakers

When we support educators, students succeed

Educators at all levels — teachers, school leaders, and district leaders — use our programs to make themselves levers of powerful, positive change, disrupting inequitable systems and creating new ones where everyone thrives.

And NTC supports you at every step of that journey.

Student Learning


Students first

Every kid learns differently. Every educator teaches differently. And no two schools or districts are the same. The unique needs of your students drive the custom strategies and supports we implement for you.


We support school leaders

Creating a cohesive and equitable learning culture is a challenge. With our methods, you’re empowered to build capacity, align goals, and support your staff.


We partner with districts

District leaders must foster system-wide success, no matter the available resources and competing priorities. With NTC’s programs built to align entire communities, leaders can drive better, equitable outcomes.

“You’re always improving, trying to hopefully be a lifelong learner, and model that for kids. Doing the hard work of reflection and changing your mindset can be a challenge. But it also can fill your battery up so you can keep going.”

Chandler Heath
English Teacher
Rise Kohyang High School

“I want to get excited about learning, not just about other people, but learning about myself. Especially since most history and stuff that is taught to us is about white people and their interactions with people of color and not anything else.”

Zanthee Schwarzmann
High School Student

“Teaching can be lonely, especially in small independent districts where you might be the only teacher for the grade and subject you teach. Having a coach in the building is so important and beneficial for teachers because it allows them to have a trusted relationship with someone who can support them, and that trickles down to their students.”

Markita Proctor
Full Release Coach
Rockcastle County High School

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Why Educators Count on Us

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What We Offer

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