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Coaching People

Coaching People

The Life of An Educator

Just as the needs of every child are different, so are the needs of every educator — in every type of career, and at every stage.

We show up everywhere educators need support, from new teacher induction to knowledge-building sessions for veteran district leaders. All educators benefit from NTC’s job-embedded, customized instructional coaching programs.

Our Coaching Model

Teaching is a fundamentally human endeavor, and the bedrock of learning.

NTC’s model elevates and blends the science and the art of the teacher’s craft. Our research-based programs lay the foundations for humanized, equity-focused instructional coaching that balances students’ social-emotional and academic needs.

With each school and district partner, we co-create a sequence of job-embedded coaching programs that includes the following components:

Coaching People


Professional Learning

NTC’s research-proven professional learning model meets the diverse learning needs of each student by blending the science and art of teaching.

Coaching People


Communities of Practice

Communities of practice create networks across similar educational roles, and extend learning through application and practice opportunities.

Coaching People


In-Field Coaching

Job-embedded, one-on-one coaching is a key method of assessing and improving instructional practice, and expands district and school leaders’ capacity in integrating coaching into the larger academic strategy.

Coaching People



Ongoing consultation with district leaders builds program sustainability by supporting program implementation and progress monitoring, using a gradual release model.

Coaching People


Direct-to-Educator Support

Our online, competency-based, self-paced and self-directed learning opportunities focus on core content, early learning, and multilingual learners.

The Power of People

NTC’s student-centered, equity-focused lens drives our coaching partnerships with educators.

Coaching People

Side-by-side with teachers new to teaching

Working with your teachers in their first few years in the field creates a foundation for continuous learning and growth. Job-embedded feedback instills confidence and empowerment from the start.

Coaching People

Supporting teacher leaders to be ecosystem catalysts

From curriculum adoption to instructional strategy, we empower your school’s teacher leaders to sustain a coaching-learning culture. Our highly collaborative approach helps educators consistently lean into their biases and map equitable paths to success – for all students.

Coaching People

Investing in school leaders as champions of school community

NTC’s programs provide strategies and pathways for school leaders to model culture, support their educators, implement and integrate rigorous curricula with empathic instructional practice, and ensure students can flourish academically and emotionally.

Coaching People

Helping district leaders build and sustain ecosystems

Our professional learning programs enable district leaders to align their schools, tap the power of curricula, and maintain clarity of vision for all educators.

Coaching People

Driving healthy, collaborative professional learning communities

A school ecosystem is interdependent; it’s a community. Coaching for community capacity-building is a critical norm for individuals to better understand and achieve their own roles while also strengthening effectiveness and relationships.

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Coaching People

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