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“Every single time there was something better…”


Sarah Watkins

So the best thing about working with NTC was that it has made me so reflective as an educator. And really that, of course that’s what NTC is going to build upon is making us more reflective because I want to be more reflective so that my teachers can be more reflective. And I want my teachers to be more reflective so that their students will be more reflective because we want to always be continuously growing and improving and learning. Whether it’s a kindergarten kid or whether it’s a teacher or an administrator, we always want to be improving and, and striving to be the best that we can be.

And so I felt like NCC continually had me looking at my practice continually had mirror reflecting on things that I was, that I was doing things that I was intentionally doing things that I was not intentionally doing. It was so, so reflective. This whole process has just been so reflective. Whether it was the good, the bad or the ugly. We would, my coach and I would look at the videos from, from when I was coaching my teacher and we would look, and we would look at things that maybe that I did well, like some of the successes where one of the teachers had, had used something that we had talked about in our coaching session and it was successful.

And then we’d also look at the bad stuff. I missed an entry point, or I had messed up with this, or I used the wrong type of language here. Like I should have used the coaching language in that situation. And just looking at whether it was a mistake that I made, or it was a success that then it happened, there was always something to build upon every single time. And actually it almost was even better when you made the mistakes, because that was more of a reflective process than when everything went well. I know it was kind of weird to think of, but, but even in the mistakes, it felt like the mistakes were when I really got to dig down deep into, okay. So let’s look at what wasn’t successful about that and how can that improve the next time.

And I’m kind of a perfectionist. Like I wanted it to be like a home run the first time that I did coaching and it wasn’t and totally wasn’t, it was, there were lots of mistakes that I made, but every time, every time that I’ve got to engage in coaching, there’s always been something better. Every single time there was something that improved, it was something that went better. And I liked that. I liked getting to see how I really was growing as a coach, and how my teacher was growing as a teacher and how his students were even being affected by it. It was every time there was something positive that came out of it, even if there was a bunch of mistakes, every time it got better. And so that’s what I love about NTC. It’s just, it’s so reflective on every level and every stakeholder in the process is looking to improve. And that’s what we want, you know, that’s what we ultimately want.