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Webinar: (R)evolutionizing Relationships

During this discussion, we had the pleasure of hearing from education leaders and students on how we can revolutionize relationships to make the biggest difference for their students this fall.

We learned how to: better meet student needs; recognize their vulnerabilities; elevate student voice and agency; welcome and empower students resuming their learning from home and the classroom. Hear, too, how to support social and emotional learning in ways that specifically the respond to the unique anxiety and trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Webinar: (R)evolutionize: School Reopening

During this panel discussion, we learned how education leaders across the country are reimagining re-opening to address the inequities experienced by their students and families, accelerate learning for all students, and revamp professional learning to adapt to educator needs in this new environment. Additionally, we heard directly from education leaders on how they’re rethinking systems and structures that have not effectively served students and families in the past.

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Webinar: Dismantling Education Inequities: Walking the Talk

During this conversation, the panel discussed the possibilities for the path forward from priorities to concrete action in school systems as we seek not just to district but to dismantle the structures and practices that inhibit the equity for students.

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