In these unprecedented times, we are in service of you, our partners, the education community and ultimately our students who need all of us now more than ever. We’ve created this space for you to discover vetted resources, learn from experts across the field via live webinars, and most importantly connect with other educators and leaders in communities of practice to support you in the long-run.


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Students at the Center 

Atyani Howard, Chief Program Officer, New Teacher Center

As COVID sweeps the globe, American schools have been shuttered, diminishing the power of millions of children. In the midst of navigating my daily responsibilities as a leader and mother of twin boys, this moment has thrust me into deep reflection. I have been wondering what students across this country have to share that could serve as a catalyst for a more holistic and enduring response. I have also been grappling with my most closely held beliefs about the complex purpose of school and what matters most right now.

At my core, I believe schools are living organisms fed by the energy of the students, educators, and families who collectively create this vital American structure. In this metaphor, our young people are the source of the energy that ultimately converts into the power necessary to sustain and grow the organism. At this very moment, our most vulnerable young people, whose very power and growth is substantially tethered to the organism itself, are suffering.

A lot of young people my age are trying to figure out what this is….What will this mean that things were stripped away so quickly? One minute we were in school and the next minute we were in a pandemic. 

Sophomore, Kenwood High School, Chicago, Illinois

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Dismantling Education Inequities: Walking the Talk

When: Previously Recorded

WhatAs we seek change to realize the promises of education equity, how can we translate the commitment to reality? In this panel discussion, we addressed possibilities for the path forward from priorities to concrete action in school systems as we seek not just to disrupt, but to dismantle, the structures and practices that inhibit true equity for students.

From the Education Frontline: Superintendent Roundtable

When: Previously Recorded

WhatDuring this time, superintendents from across the country came together to share how they are addressing COVID-19. Additionally, they shared what they need to support academic and social-emotional learning through this pandemic and how their strategies are evolving to support educators and students as they return this fall.

In Conversation: Supporting Students & Educators

Experiencing Trauma

When: Previously Recorded

WhatDuring this time, our experts addressed the traumatic impact of COVID-19 on students and educators. They shared some of the practical steps educators are taking to support them through trauma and stress, and ultimately help you find ways to create connection and support wellness for students and communities during this time.

Effectively Engage & Support Your District’s Diverse Learners

When: Previously Recorded

WhatDuring this time, we addressed the unique challenges of effectively serving diverse learners during these challenging times. We learned about how to identify what your diverse learners need, how to continue to support their needs regardless of their new virtual setting, and how districts, school leaders, and educators at all levels can build a framework for a positive and engaging learning experience during this time. And, continue to focus on building a connection with this important student group in a time of uncertainty.

Supporting the Whole Child & Educator: Meeting Social-Emotional Needs Virtually

When: Previously Recorded

WhatDuring this time, NTC was joined by experts from Chicago Public Schools, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and CASEL to talk about how to be responsive to the continuum of social-emotional, physical, and mental health needs of your students and educators. 

Aperture Ed – Free professional development, strategies, and activities to help teachers, students and families.

CASEL Cares Initiative – CASEL CARES is a new initiative that connects the SEL (social emotional learning) community with experts to address how SEL can be most helpful in response to today’s circumstances. We are committed to our vision of disseminating high-quality SEL research and best practices – and are more determined now than ever. Please feel free to access and share the resources, which are designed to support educators, parents, and anyone who works with children.

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – In response to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on the educational system, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has granted more than $1 million to the Council of Chief State School Officers, the International Society for Technology in Education, National Parents Union, and State Educational Technology Directors Association to support educators and families. These initial grants are aimed at providing resources to states and school districts impacted by school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child Mind Institute – Offers articles, guides and other resources by topic to help inform and support adults and children.

Common Sense Education – Topics about character strengths like empathy, find actionable activities and edtech tools for the classroom, and discover ways to involve families in SEL learning.

CNN OpEd by Luma Mufleh, Founder of Fugees Academy – Luma Mufleh is the founder of Fugees Family, a non-profit that works with child refugees and their families. The opinions expressed in this commentary belong to the author. 

Education Leaders of Color: COVID-19 for Schools, Families, Nonprofits, and Businesses – Many are leading organizations that are working in real time to respond to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This is an aggregate of resources and best practices to address COVID-19. 

Instructional Leaders – As Schools close out the academic year and move from crisis into reentry planning, many are asking how to start to prepare for the coming year. While no plan is perfect and reality will continue to throw curveballs, leaders know their team will benefit from having a sense of what school can look like in different scenarios. This blog series by Instructional Leaders is a starting point, with tools and practical resources to orient a leadership team towards the year to come. 

National Child Trauma Stress Network (NCTSN)- Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – The National Child Traumatic Stress Network is a premiere resource under the umbrella of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (HHS). This detailed resource provides facts and advice for caregivers about how to help kids cope with anxiety and stress triggered by coronavirus.

School Resources Hub– Powered by Instructional Partners, this hub provides school and system leaders a starting point to support student care and continued leaders a starting point to support student care and continued learning during extended school closures and re-entry into buildings. You’ll find toolkits, templates, and ready-made instructional materials that can be adapted for your local context and put to use in your community immediately. 

SEL Virtual Meetings and Icebreaker – During this time of disruption and fear, it is more important than ever to build in time for a round of check-ins to let people share how they are doing.

Turn Around for ChildrenCurated list of resources for parents and caregivers, teachers, educators and leaders.

Wide Open School – They help make learning from home an experience that inspires kids, supports teachers, relieves families, and restores community.