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“It’s not just about coaching our teachers. We work to coach.”


James Littlejohn

Well, we have 14 campuses with almost 11,000 students and about 700 teachers. Uh, it is a very family oriented school district. Every year we have anywhere from 30 to 50 new teachers, we had a high percentage of teachers leaving the profession in our district. So we were training, training, training without getting anywhere with it. And so looking at the data and looking at what new teacher center told us they could do for us, it was a no brainer when we saw what we could do and where we could take it and what we could accomplish a new teacher center. It was, let’s go for it. You know, they get it, they understand what we need. They understand what new teachers need, where a really heavy coaching district. And we have a philosophy of coaching. It’s not just about coaching our teachers. We work to coach. Our administrators has been so New Teacher Center has been a big part of that because as our administrators have learned the tools to work with their teachers, I’ve heard them using it with custodians, with instructional aids, or have materia staff. When you get in a coaching mode and you get comfortable with it, you do it all the time. And I tend to do with my family as well.