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“I wanted to help other educators have that same confidence…”


Brittney Rodriguez

I started teaching TK five years ago, I came from first grade and went down to transitional kindergarten during a time where NTC was really pushing professional development in my district. So I came into a new grade level with the professional development and a coach, and really thrived over those next two years and then was asked to do training for coaching myself. And after being a coach for two years, I was trained to be a facilitator as well.

So I feel like NTC has been instrumental in me continuing as a professional in early learning. And it’s been an amazing experience to be a part of all of it, NTC and being coached those first couple of years of teaching transitional kindergarten, it helped build my confidence, looking at the standards and continuum of early learning practice and having that strength based approach where my coach was reflecting to me of the things that I was doing well, instead of all the things that I was thinking I was lacking in just really helped me as an educator, have confidence in my classroom. And then that carried over into me becoming a coach because I realized, oh, I have this down. And I would love to help other educators have that same confidence that I gained from working with a coach. Now becoming a facilitator. It’s been amazing to be able to empower so many different educators across the district. It’s given us the tools to really focus on building up teachers and then impacting students. And that’s the whole purpose.