New Teacher Center’s proven teacher induction model is a program of weekly on-the-job mentoring for new teachers from an accomplished, well-prepared peer. It results in remarkably effective new teachers, increased overall teacher retention, improved student achievement and reduced district teacher recruiting costs.


Research has proven that quality matters when it comes to teacher induction programs. It has been proven that programs that are less comprehensive, or summer-only professional development, do not result in significant improvement of teacher effectiveness or student learning. Too often, our newest teachers are assigned to work in the hardest to staff schools, in areas where students are most in need of an experienced teacher. The result has been an alarmingly high number of new teachers leaving the profession, particularly in the highest areas of need, long before their fifth anniversary milestone.

Across the country over 300,000 new teachers are hired each year just to replace those departing the profession and to keep up with population growth and expanding communities. Informed by over two decades of work with hundreds of school districts and state agencies, NTC has demonstrated that a comprehensive and systemic approach to teacher induction is essential to increasing teacher effectiveness, reducing teacher churn and improving student learning.

Professional Learning

The switch from teaching children to coaching adults is substantial, so NTC’s Professional Learning Series ensures that mentors are properly prepared for their new role.


Mentor Forums

NTC’s teacher induction model includes an ongoing community of practice for mentors to further develop their skills and to provide a venue for shared learning and problem solving.


Site Leader

Principals play a critical role in educator induction by setting the stage for beginning teacher and mentor success. NTC’s teacher induction model includes professional learning for site leaders to give principals a high-level understanding of how mentors will assess and coach new teachers in their schools.


Formative Assessment

Central to NTC’s model is its Formative Assessment and Support System (FAS), consisting of tools, protocols and resources to drive continuous improvement at the teacher, coach, and program levels. NTC offers program partners and participants online access to this research-based, nationally recognized system through Learning Zone. By providing useful protocols and consistent terminology that guides mentors’ conversations and work with teachers, NTC’s FAS tools help teachers put what they’re learning into classroom practice. It also gives mentors and program leaders the data they need to better pinpoint what key strategies are accelerating teacher effectiveness and student learning. 


NTC’s team of educators has decades of experience working alongside fellow practitioners to build teacher induction programs. NTC works closely with partners to first understand their goals, then introduce its proven model to their schools in a way that is rooted in local standards and aligned to other key talent management initiatives.



NTC strengthens districts from within, supporting partners every step of the way, in order to put a results-oriented program in place for new teachers. It’s a collaborative approach, combining partners’ context-specific knowledge with NTC’s broad and deep understanding of research and best practices.



NTC helps partners sustain a high-quality program over the long term, by building the partner’s ability to assess and lead the work themselves. NTC partners learn to develop and deliver key elements of the program – first alongside NTC, then independently. Through forums, peer networks and consultation, NTC gives talent at every level a space to share challenges and successes, and a way to learn how to adjust course for greater impact. As a result, NTC partners continuously improve, and individuals across the district become aligned in their understanding of NTC’s model, the approach and the goals of the partnership.


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