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Top of Mind: Dave Abel

Each month one member of our incredible community will share inspiration in the form of books, documentaries, podcast episodes, poetry, art, keynotes, and more. They’ll reflect on why it matters to them and NTC’s bold vision, sparking awareness and continuing to push curiosity as we go forward.

What’s top of mind for you?

I continue to revisit Black History Year’s podcast episode with Adrienne Maree Brown on “How To Bend Reality.”

What quote is resonating with you today?

Without question, I am both inspired and called to act when Maree Brown said: “I’d argue that every single person has a piece of the future inside of them…. You can dream aloud with other people.”

Please share your reflection on why this matters to you and how it might drive our greater NTC to a brighter tomorrow?

NTC is committed to disrupting predictable outcomes for systemically underserved students. We spend a lot of time discussing how we might chart a new path forward that not only serves those currently marginalized but does so in a manner that can be sustainable and not episodic. Designing a new way ahead starts with inspiration and imagination. But often, we don’t embrace and intentionally center imaginative thinking as a pillar of system design. Frequently, systems become things that fit neatly into a box of compliance and efficiency.

This podcast reminds us of this fact and invites and inspires us to dream aloud, together, to break this cycle. Through the power of creativity and community, we begin to not only design but demand something new and different.