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(R)evolutionize Systems Leadership

A panel conversation hosted by The Education Trust and the New Teacher Center

In partnership with the Education Trust, New Teacher Center hosted a panel discussion to explore opportunities to revolutionize education systems.

Key themes included: expanding the definition of learning environments and ways to attend to students’ needs; building capacity and resources for systemically underserved students through targeted, strategic educator support; nurturing an asset-based approach for all students, with specific attention and strategies for underserved students; and, strengthening support structures for teachers and educators with side-by-side, community-driven learning to align everyone to an equitable, high-quality instructional practice.


  • John B. King, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, The Education Trust
  • Tanji Reed Marshall, Director of P-12 Practice, Education Trust
  • Desmond Blackburn, Chief Executive Officer, New Teacher Center
  • Atyani Howard, Chief Program Officer, New Teacher Center

View the Webinar Recording