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How to use The Elephant in the (Class)room

A conversation hosted by the New Teacher Center

Deepen your understanding of the Elephant in the Class(room) and explore how to leverage the anchors to start your journey to act on the Elephant in our schools or communities. Learn more about how we can leverage the framing of The Elephant anchors and accompanying resources to begin changing how we think and talk, see and hear, and act and react in our communities.

This webinar features a deep dive conversation featuring Dr. Sharon Contreras, discussing her work to bring the anchors to life in her time as a district leader.

Key themes included: embracing innovation with human-centered solutions, drawing on and expanding the school community for collaborative efforts, the role we play in instituting change regardless of title, and how to find the cracks where disruption and bridging actions can easily take root.


  • Dr. Sharon Contreras, CEO, The Innovation Project
  • Karen Pittman (Facilitator), NTC Equity Commissioner, Partner at Knowledge to Power Catalysts