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“You have to make a plan and stick with it…”


Jennifer Siler

I think I would have to sum that up as intentionality. I mean, I know with having been a classroom teacher for so long that you have to make a plan and stick with it, but just thinking about the work NTC is doing in our schools, nothing happens by chance. Everything that we say, all the results that we get comes from being intentional about the conversations that we have with our teachers, with our administrators and with our stakeholders all together in this project. But we have the common goal. We want to improve instruction. We want to retain high quality teachers for our students. And all of that happens if we’re intentional about the support that we provide to them. And if we monitor and follow up so that we ensure that anything that they need to make sure that happens is given to them. So just being intentional with conversations and planning for conversations has been a big takeaway for me this year, that in order to move this work forward and make it seem productive for everyone, we have to be intentional about the questions that we ask and the data that we collect and reflect on.