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“We’ve got a lot of people talking about equity”


Heidi Foley

As we start thinking about equity and talking about equity, you tune your ear to these equity issues. And as you start to have these conversations, you see it bubbling up to the surface. I think it’s really impacted our district because we’ve got a lot of people talking about equity. As the mentors started to talk and have these conversations about equity, they were having these really focused conversations with new teachers around what is the standard and what is the standard asking to do, and how are you going to make sure that all students have access to that standard? And the coaches at our high needs schools that were working at these same schools, look to see what the mentors are doing. And they’re like, I want to have those tools. I want to know that information. And so it spread so quickly that, in the next year we started a second cadre. So we then trained them in these practices as well. And it’s kind of been spreading through our district. We now have this equity goal within our strategic plan that we’re also working towards creating educational equity within our district. And the work that we do is working towards creating educational equity.