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“We saw measurable growth in those kids.”


Tori Anders

I worked with a teacher this year and a middle school, sixth grade math teacher. Her goal from the very beginning was we’re going to be given this MAP test for our kids and measuring where they are four times this year. And so what she and I did is we developed our own plan to use the analyzing student learning tool that Kiano and NTC provided us. And we met every single map test on a chart, the growth of her classes and her kids for this is where they were on this test. These are the standards they met. These are the reasons they didn’t meet these standards, water air, next steps. How can I support you in implementing this for these kids that are falling below the benchmark here? so that they’ll improve on the next test. And so we did that every time they took a test and we mapped that. And by the time that we did that last one, we saw in some of those special education students that she had, we saw measurable, I mean, very measurable growth.

We had so many of those kids that moved out of novice into proficient. And then we looked at a different subgroup of kids that were virtual versus person to person kids. And we saw some of those virtual kids that we felt like, and she felt like we’re not getting much instruction at home. We kind of revamped some of her planning, conversation guides and some of her instruction for those kids. And then we took those kids and we kind of looked at that map data for those standards. And even those kids, we saw growth in those kids. So it was measurable and it was a combination of her willingness, her hard work, definitely Kiano tools, the coaching cycle and our work together, but it made a huge difference in her test scores and her kids and what they knew when they left her classroom a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing.