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Evidence-Based Coaching: Key Drivers of Scalable Improvement District-Wide

Building from our nationally recognized teacher induction program and 20+ years of experience working in close consultative partnerships with hundreds of districts across the country, the New Teacher Center (NTC) has become a leader in teacher development. Today, our evidence-based mentoring and coaching program models support leadership to design sustainable school- and district-based systems of support for teachers at all stages of their careers—from beginners to teacher leaders.

To better understand how to implement effective instructional coaching programs at scale, in 2015, NTC received a five-year Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Working with SRI, the external evaluator for the grant, we are studying the complex process of implementing our rigorous, instructionally focused coaching model in two case study sites. Specifically, this work involves:

  • Capturing data that uncovers the existing perceptions, practices, and contextual factors that impacted early implementation at the case study sites
  • Using our formative assessment system in conjunction with specific recommended leadership practices to support effective implementation
  • Documenting early indicators of positive change in teacher practice and student outcomes

This report presents a summary of findings thus far, including: 1) a brief description of the case for coaching as a driver of instructional improvement and outline of the NTC Program Theory of Action, 2) example data from case study sites that illustrate typical coaching contexts, 3) examples of implementation and course correction strategies with recommendations detailing leadership practices that have resulted in improved implementation in the case study sites, and 4) preliminary data that indicate resulting change in teacher instructional practice at the case study sites with potential impact on student learning anticipated in the longer term.

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