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NTC’s 2022 Annual Report

NTC 2022 Annual Report

Anyone familiar with New Teacher Center knows the hallmarks of its DNA — resilience, empathy, can-do spirit — and an unrelenting belief that relationships are the most critical driver of our work in service to students, educators, and communities.

These show up in our facilitated conversations and learning sessions with mentors, coaches, and teachers; our bold innovation pilots to push and redefine professional learning; and our collaborations with districts to create ecosystems of support that ensure BIPOC students, students with learning differences, multilingual students, students experiencing poverty, and immigrant students thrive in school.

Our teams devote thousands of hours to reflection, prep, and iteration annually. But we rarely pull the curtain back to spotlight the intense and intentional process — the deep, messy, hard work — that makes it all happen. We can only move at the speed of trust, so we must invest in process; it’s the difference between creating good and creating brilliant transformational experiences for our partners.

Each year, our annual report is an opportunity for us to share our accomplishments working in service to educators and students nationwide. And this year, we are highlighting some of the pre-work and post-work that goes into every successful partnership.

NTC’s 2022 Annual Report

In 2022, NTC staff answered the call for our partners challenged by the waves of the pandemic, racial reckoning, and more. From airports to hotel rooms, they put in above and beyond to research, plan, adapt, and analyze our coaching-based services to ensure a high-quality, context-customized experience for each engagement. And our central teams built the structures and operational conditions to actualize this work at every turn — securing data, delivering internal training, balancing budgets, sharing knowledge, and nurturing a caring staff experience.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Last year, NTC proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with committed changemakers in classrooms, schools, and districts in 29 states. We partnered with approximately 650 districts and more than 6,775 schools serving over 3.8 million students and 217,000 teachers. On average, 65% of students in those schools were BIPOC, and 66% were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.
  • We received a historic gift from philanthropist and author MacKenzie Scott. Her generosity is being put to work to redesign professional learning and school ecosystems to be inclusive, equitable, and impactful. She said it best: “Communities with a habit of removing obstacles for different subsets of people tend to get better for everyone.”
  • Our Equity Commission continued with its fiercely reflective work to reimagine the purpose of public education.
  • And as we continue to adapt to the needs and contexts of districts nationwide, NTC is coaching toward a teaching craft that blends effective pedagogy with students’ identities, well-being, and academic needs, while ensuring we equip educators with wraparound support.

Thank you for believing in what we do and how we do it. Yes, our mission and vision drive us forward. But without question, the sacred relationships we’re fortunate to be a part of fill our hearts and fuel our passion for taking on the work behind the work.

2022 Annual Report: The Work Behind the Work

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