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Meet NTC’s CEO, Tommy Chang

Meet New Teacher Center CEO, Dr. Tommy Chang, a dedicated educator who seeks to “lead like a teacher” at every turn.

Tommy shares his story starting as a six-year-old immigrant student in America, leading to a lifelong commitment of working in public education. He continues to learn, discover, and reflect on what it means to live in the richness of his cultural and linguistic identity, especially after the impact of assimilation and the loss that comes with it. Driven by his experiences as a student, teacher, principal, and district leader, Tommy’s journey to becoming New Teacher Center’s CEO is rooted in our shared need for deep, authentic relationships.

“We must affirm and sustain young people’s strengths [and identities] that they bring into the classroom and our schools.”

He brings over 25 years of education experience and leadership to NTC. Before his most recent position as acting CEO and President of Families In Schools, Tommy spent three years as a consultant and coach to school system leaders. He advised organizations such as Great Public Schools Now LA, FourPoint Education Partners, and Whiteboard Advisors. He has served on several nonprofit boards, such as Leading Educators and Silicon Schools Fund, as well as Education Leaders of Color, an organization dedicated to elevating the leadership, voices, and influence of people of color in education to lead more inclusive efforts to improve education. But for Tommy, it always comes back to the life-changing moment he answered the call to become a teacher.

For school communities — students, teachers, families, paraprofessionals, administrators, and support staff — to thrive, Tommy shares that we must lead with and forever center equity: provide what people need when they need it.

View November’s Conversation With: Tommy Chang

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