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Elephant in the (Class)room Disclaimer

Effective Date: February 22, 2023
Last Updated Date: February 22, 2023

If you wish to receive a copy of your responses to the following asynchronous learning exercises (the “Exercises”), New Teacher Center (“NTC”) will, through an automated feature on the Elephant in the (Class)room website (the “Micro-Site”), send you a copy to the email address you provide. To encourage visitors to fully participate in and get the most benefit from the Exercises, and to protect your privacy, NTC does not retain or use any information submitted by you through Micro-Site, including, but not limited to student names. Other than sending you a copy of your responses to the Exercises when requested, NTC will only contact you if you voluntarily and affirmatively request that NTC do so (for example by checking “Follow up with me” box when prompted), in which case NTC will retain only the information you provide for us to contact you. Furthermore, NTC will not sell, rent, or lease any information you submit through this Micro-Site to third parties. This disclaimer is also subject to the NTC Privacy Policy, which can be reviewed here. In the event of any conflict between the NTC Privacy Policy and this Disclaimer, this Disclaimer will prevail.