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Here are some additional resources to explore to learn more about the anchors for equity and the commitments.

The Elephant Discussion Companion

The Four A’s Protocol, modified from the National School Reform Faculty, is designed to be used after reading The Elephant in the (Class)room. This protocol engages participants in discussion that helps them to process their reading and share their perspectives on the point of view document.

The Elephant in the (Class)room Discussion Companion

Protocol engages participants in discussion to process their reading and share perspectives

Video Discussion Guides

Profiles in Practice highlight the experiences of educators who have taken the journey outlined in The Elephant in the (Class)room. Their perspectives highlight the richness and variety of the journey and provide insights into specific aspects of the anchors, how they integrate and build on each other and where there is still room for growth. While the Profiles in Practice can be watched individually, there is richness in engaging in a group experience to watch and explore the videos.

Profiles in Practice: Embrace Discussion Guide

Protocol for engaging in discussion around our Casco Bay High School and Dr. Dawn DeCosta-Brooks videos

Profiles in Practice: Expand Discussion Guide

Protocol for engaging in discussion around our Camino Nuevo Charter Academy and David Adams videos

Profiles in Practice: Co-Design Discussion Guide

Protocol for engaging in discussion around our Bronx CIS 303, Milwaukee Public Schools, and NACA Inspired Schools Network videos


Watch recordings from New Teacher Center’s webinars on The Elephant in the (Class)room.

What is The Elephant in the (Class)room?

March 7, 2023

How to use The Elephant in the (Class)room

March 21, 2023

Embrace teaching and learning as a
dynamic relational human exchange

Commit to knowing yourself, your students, and your content. Discover and leverage learners’ unique and diverse assets and ways of learning.

The Dynamic Dance Between Student, Teacher, and Content

NTC podcast with Zaretta Hammond and Tanji Reed Marshall

Ask and Listen to Serve

NTC podcast with Atyani Howard

Social, Emotional, and Academic Development Through an Equity Lens

Report from Ed Trust

Forward Together

Report from National Center for Learning Disabilities

Expand the concepts of educator
and community in schools

Learn from your students about how and where they learn – and from whom. Reexamine your ideas of who the stakeholders are in your ecosystem.

How Did Learning Happen?

NTC podcast with Karen Pittman

Building Relationship Through Visibility

Changing the Odds Remix podcast with Katherine Plog Martinez

Why It’s Time to Humanize Teaching

Changing the Odds Remix podcast with Atyani Howard and Carlo Ramirez-Truse

The Intersection of Developmental Relationships, Equitable Environments, and SEL

Report from the Search Institute

Co-design systems to sustain equity

Create the time and space for building an equity practice. Identify ways and places to sustain and grow change.

Check Your Data, Check Your People

NTC podcast with Eric Duncan

The Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network Resource Library