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Camino Nuevo Charter Academy: Burlington Campus

From Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Burlington Campus:

Juliana Santos, Principal

George Lee, 3rd grade teacher

Nataly Reyes, 5th grade teacher

Juan Garcia, Parent of 2nd & 7th graders

Patricia Trejo, Parent of 2nd & 7th graders

From Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Leadership:

Dr. Philip Lance, Founder, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Pueblo Nuevo Development

Adriana Abich, CEO, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy

Rachel Hazlehurst, CAO, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy


Expand the concepts of educator and community in schools

“The premise of Camino is really working with families around the school, really thinking of the school as being a second home for our students and involving the teachers and the whole staff in that work.”

  • Juliana Santos, Principal