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Milwaukee Public Schools

Theopa Tolbert,
Induction and Support Manager

Dr. Patricia A. Ellis,
Director, Department of Equity, Access, and Inclusion

Ebony Lewis,
Director, Gender Identity and Inclusion


Co-design systems to sustain equity

“Over time we have come to understand that equity includes so many different areas, so many different lenses. Not just cultural, but instructional, staffing, making sure that our staff is ready and capable so that we can do the best that we can possibly do for our students.” –Theopa Tolbert, Milwaukee Public Schools Induction and Support Manager

Milwaukee Public Schools Equity Guidebook

In this video, you will hear Theopa, Dr. Ellis and Ebony reference the district’s Equity Guidebook. In June 2021, MPS published its equity guidebook to support educators in creating aligned student-centered learning environments. Here, you can access the guidebook, which includes important context related to the development of this resource and why it was necessary.