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NTC Evidence of Retention

New Teacher Center built its induction work to support early career teachers with job-embedded, ongoing coaching support to help them get better faster and stay in the profession. For the past fifteen years, NTC has tracked and documented our impact on new teacher retention. NTC has a legacy of improving the retention of the teachers […]

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Change the Odds by Resolving the Teacher Shortage

By New Teacher Center —  We’re in the midst of our first major teacher shortage since the 1990s, and this shortage could soon reach crisis levels in many areas of the country. According to the Learning Policy Institute’s recent study, U.S. classrooms were short approximately 60,000 teachers last year, and that could increase to over 100,000 […]

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Upping Teacher Pay Is Only Part of the Solution

By Anne Udall, NTC Chief Strategy Officer —  Emily Deruy, senior associate editor for The Atlantic, recently interviewed some former teachers about why they quit. The number one answer she heard: a lack of support. Her article, Just Paying Teachers More Won’t Stop Them From Quitting, dives deep into the issue of teacher retention in response […]

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