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NTC Evidence of Retention

New Teacher Center built its induction work to support early career teachers with job-embedded, ongoing coaching support to help them get better faster and stay in the profession. For the past fifteen years, NTC has tracked and documented our impact on new teacher retention. NTC has a legacy of improving the retention of the teachers we support and we want to share some examples of the significant gains we’ve seen. While we did not specifically […]

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Change the Odds by Developing Teacher Leaders

By Lynn Kepp, Sr. VP Strategic Partnerships …  Teachers who leave the profession have indicated that they quit, in part, because of lack of shared-decision making roles and opportunities to lead, according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. The message is clear: districts can retain top talent and help change the odds for students by giving accomplished teachers the opportunities they crave to step into leadership roles. Leadership roles can expand the reach […]

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