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Why Our Nonprofit Needs a Custom Online Learning Platform

By Seewan Eng, Vice President of Digital Transformation, New Teacher Center At the New Teacher Center, we work with educators every day to provide them with support to be truly effective. We understand that students are unique — individual learners with individual needs. Teachers and teacher leaders must have an arsenal of approaches to be able to respond to their students. We also recognize that adults are unique and individual learners. This why the New Teacher […]

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Moving from “I” to “We”

By Andrea Peters, Teacher Resources Specialist Trainer, Full Release Mentor, Polk County, Florida Teachers need mentors and coaches as they begin their career to help guide them from a developing teacher to a seasoned, effective professional. They need an advocate that will help them navigate their first years in education. Just as in any career, formative assessments and coaching (check-ins, actual, quality feedback and guidance) help professionals continue to grow and develop their craft. Without […]

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Change the Odds by Reimagining Teacher Professional Development

By Lynn Kepp, Sr. VP Strategic Partnerships …  District administrators know one-off, intermittent professional development opportunities don’t deliver a lasting impact for teachers. When professional development is disconnected from teachers’ needs it can feel irrelevant at best, and in many situations, can overwhelm teachers. The research about what does work, though, is clear. The disjointed way professional development has been approached in the past needs to be reimagined and transformed into a much more comprehensive, […]

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