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I am a teacher leader by Rashawn Williams, M.Ed., TRST, i3 Mentor, Professional Development, Polk County Public Schools 

When asked the question, “why do teachers need mentors and coaches?”, I reflected on my 2 years of being a teacher leader and mentor in my school district.  These are the words that came to my mind: I am a teacher leader. I question, clarify, and support. Mentoring language is my friend.  How I build and sustain relationships affects what coaching stances I can use with each of my teachers. I am a teacher leader. […]

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Teaching Conditions
Why is the first year so difficult for new teachers? It doesn’t have to be.

Ellen Moir New Teacher Center Founder and CEO We all have a story of an amazing teacher who made a difference, or at least know of one. For me, it was my high school Spanish teacher, Miss Hayward. Miss Hayward was deeply committed to her students. She helped me to be the first in my family to attend college. Yet, I never thought of the challenges that Miss Hayward faced herself as a new teacher. As […]

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Fulfilling the Promise and helping students learn

Rachel Jackson, a Chicago Public Schools third grade teacher, entered the teaching profession ready to make a difference for her students and community. Jackson understood, then and now, the profound impact that teachers have on their students and their ability to succeed, both in and out of the classroom. However, was she prepared to fulfill such a role? With the help of her NTC mentor, Jackson was able to not only better understand where her […]

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Perspective Taking and Gratitude What’s the Relationship?

By Owen M. Griffith and Wendy Baron “Seek first understand, then to be understood.” Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Successful People Why Perspective Taking?  All too often, we hear stories of hate crimes and communities being torn apart by violence.  Underneath are attitudes of intolerance for others’ differences, such as race, culture, language, gender identity, etc.  Let’s change the odds! We educators can impact the next generation by cultivating tolerance and respect for diversity […]

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Change the Odds by Reimagining Teacher Professional Development

By Lynn Kepp, Sr. VP Strategic Partnerships …  District administrators know one-off, intermittent professional development opportunities don’t deliver a lasting impact for teachers. When professional development is disconnected from teachers’ needs it can feel irrelevant at best, and in many situations, can overwhelm teachers. The research about what does work, though, is clear. The disjointed way professional development has been approached in the past needs to be reimagined and transformed into a much more comprehensive, […]

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What Characterizes an Optimal Learning Environment?

A Powerful Mix of Practices that Accelerate Student Learning By Kathleen Cushman, co-author, Belonging and Becoming (Harvard Education Press), and Wendy Baron, Chief Officer, Social and Emotional Learning, New Teacher Center  The minute you walk into a classroom, you sense its atmosphere — but you might not know how that ambiance came to pass. Are students acting bored and restless, or provoking their peers? You may have your theories, but the possibilities abound. If you […]

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