Teacher Appreciation Week, Every Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.

Over the last 357 deeply challenging days, educators filled gaps and stood courageously on the frontlines for our students, families, and communities.

There have been no off-days.

COVID-19 laid bare the many entrenched inequities in our education systems and society. Teachers — many days fueled by nothing more than superhuman resilience and a deep love for young people — brought care, compassion, and a joy for learning.

Teachers did it through new platforms, self-educated in the late hours of the night.

Teachers reinvented it all: lesson plans, instructional videos, material prep, and more.

Teachers leaned into themselves, taking a deep inquiry into what authentic cultural responsiveness could and should look and feel like in the classroom.

Teachers emphasized humanity, innovating ways to connect with students and their families. Social and emotional learning wasn’t a checkbox; it became a foundation.

Teachers juggled stress, suffering, and sadness, all the while actively attending to our young people’s needs and trauma each week.

We see you. We thank you.

At NTC, we’re talking about how to ensure educators are humanized and empowered. Yes, this week offers an opportunity to share our deep gratitude for educators. But it also gives us a chance to double down on our commitment to collaborating and designing an equitable education system that lets teachers and students thrive.

We look forward to continuing that work together.

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