Moment + Movement = (R)evolution

I’m thrilled to announce that New Teacher Center (NTC) is partnering with the Education Trust (Ed Trust) to launch the (R)evolution campaign. This work will elevate critical topics, expertise, and our lived experiences as we seek to both evolve and revolutionize the learning environment for students and educators to ensure equity is at the center. Key topics will include how we will reopen schools, build trusting relationships, focus on high-quality professional learning, and empower system leaders. Through a series of webinars, podcasts, and blogs, we will learn together and facilitate national conversations that can drive actionable steps to enact change. Join us as we share and go deeper in this ongoing journey!

Why (R)evolution?

In some districts and schools across the country, there are already strong foundations and assets which can be built upon—calling for an evolution. That said, we also know the system is getting the results it has been designed to get, and there has been a longstanding need to revolutionize how school is constructed. We need to reimagine and transform many elements of effective teaching and learning, and we need to better serve underserved students. Now more than ever, as we embrace the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, educators need support around this unprecedented new reality and the exacerbated equity gaps within it.

NTC and Ed Trust

Both NTC and Ed Trust believe that systemically underserved students, and their individualized needs, are at the heart of this work. We also know that we cannot do this work in silos—coming together and leveraging the collaborative effort as one is essential. Thus, we believe a thought partnership between us—marrying practice and policy, respectively—will help translate a shared commitment to underserved students, from a theoretical construct to actionable steps toward change.

What to Expect

(R)evolution will focus on four critical areas, while keeping equity and students at the center:

  • Reopening SchoolsHow do we serve the needs of students in this new and rapidly changing context, while both keeping them safe, and ensuring high quality equitable instruction?
  • RelationshipsWhat does equity-focused relationship building and equitable social-emotional learning practices look like within a virtual environment? 
  • Professional LearningWhat needs to change around effective coaching for teachers, teacher-leaders, and principals, given unprecedented challenges?  
  • Systems LeadershipWhat does strong systems-level leadership look like within this new context? 

These themes, and more, will be explored through a series of webinars, podcasts, and blogs, open to all educators. While we are not “experts with all of the answers,” we are eager learners who want to live into the change we know our students deserve. 

To access the recording from our first webinar in this series, (R)evolutionize School Reopening, please click here. 


About the Author. Desmond K. Blackburn, Ph.D, is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Teacher Center (NTC). NTC is a national non-profit organization dedicated to disrupting the predictability of educational inequities by supporting all educators, from the classroom to the boardroom. Prior to joining NTC in 2018, he spent twenty-two years as a math teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of school improvement, area superintendent, chief of school performance & accountability, and superintendent. He can be reached at

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