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New Teacher Center Names Desmond Blackburn CEO


Dear NTC Community,

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Desmond Blackburn, Superintendent of Brevard Public Schools, Chief for Change, and Broad Fellow, will be taking on the role of CEO of New Teacher Center (NTC). This is a new and exciting chapter for NTC, and we will use this amazing opportunity to build upon our past successes as NTC evolves in the future.

Over the past 20 years, NTC has provided teachers across the country quality professional learning opportunities that have transformed their teaching practice. We know that strong mentoring and leadership development opportunities better position teachers to serve students, accelerate student learning, and end educational inequities. This mission has driven NTC from its inception and will continue to drive us as we work alongside district leaders, principals, teachers, and students.

As a former district leader, principal, classroom teacher, and community leader, Desmond brings more than two decades of experience leading educators who are driven to achieve educational equity for every student. He has firsthand knowledge of the challenges that teachers face in the classroom, the responsibilities of school leaders to create and lead optimal learning environments, and the importance of mentors and coaches to support educator growth and effectiveness.

Under Desmond’s leadership, NTC will further our commitment to educational equity and ensure that every student walks into a school where they are empowered by their teachers and principal to achieve their full potential. I cannot think of a better leader to partner with you and lead NTC into the future.

All my best,



Dear Colleagues,

I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to lead NTC. I know first-hand, that when teachers are provided evidence-based, quality professional support, amazing things happen: mentors are more confident in the feedback they provide; teachers have instructional confidence; and students are empowered. This is exactly the type of transformation that happens in districts that partner with NTC, and I’m thrilled to be joining the dedicated individuals at NTC in their work to end educational inequities across our nation.

Every student deserves teachers and school leaders that are at their best, and it’s our job to help them get there. NTC has evolved over time to fulfill this goal and it is now time for us to evolve again. Students today have limitless potential, they push boundaries and continuously think about how they can improve society and their own communities. It is our role and responsibility, as educators and advocates, to remove the systemic educational barriers that have prevented our most underserved communities from fulfilling their dreams.

This is the time to make our programs even more responsive to the needs of our partners as we work together to close the achievement gap. We will take everything we’ve learned, lean in to what works, and continue to listen to our partners to ensure we’re meeting districts’ and educators’ needs. We know that high-quality mentoring and coaching increases student achievement, so we’ll continue to ground our programs in research and be relentless in our support of teachers and school leaders because the trajectory of our students depends on it.

I am committed to fulfilling NTC’s mission and delivering the promise of a public education for every student. I look forward to working alongside the amazing staff, Board of Directors, and our partners to build on what we’ve learned and move the work forward. Our students, especially those from underserved communities, deserve our absolute best. That’s exactly what we’re going to provide.



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