A Tweetchat for Change

By Tracy Kremer, New Teacher Center Director of Communication

Last week, we hosted New Teacher Center’s first Twitter chat, using #NTCedchat, on the topic of changing the odds for students by leveraging the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as a catalyst. ESSA provides a great opportunity to reignite dialogue on a variety of education issues, and to change the odds for students. It returns significant authority over education to states and localities and also maintains the federal government’s strong focus on equity: quality schools for all students and access to effective teachers, giving all children the opportunity to become college, career and community regardless of their income or neighborhood.

Here’s a recap of the questions we asked our followers during our #NTCedchat, and the insights they shared about how they’re approaching ESSA.

Q1: Has your district been engaged in state-led work groups or other planning efforts as part of ESSA implementation?

  • #ESSA emphasizes evidence-based interventions for school improvement. Read more: #EquityESSA #NTCedchat @LPI_Learning
  • .@NewTeacherCtr @techplusMA Fellow are! Check out their ideas here #ESSA #NTCedchat #educators @DKGrinnell
  • #ESSA requires meaningful stakeholder engagement. Check out this conversation guide from @CCSSO #ntcedchat @lgoldrick25
  • Initial ESSA planning process provides impt opprt. to ensure tchr professional learning and induction are state priorities #NTCedchat @lgoldrick25
  • Our district is hosting one of the state stakeholder focus groups, and has been participating in state level committees #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • One additional #essa resource is @AASAHQ ESSA Library: #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • We thnk #ESSA plns benefit from a clear detailed dscriptin of classroom practice & system for improving along a continuum #NTCedchat @niettach @kristanvanhook
  • @NewTeacherCtr I have, but has been hard to make sure educators are involved in all facets. #NTCedchat @sarahyogidds

Q2: Has your district considered how ESSA might alter or reshape its teacher development, effectiveness and support initiatives?

  • We are using resources from @LearningForward @CCSSO & @NWEA to inform our planning. #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • @LearningForward Agents for Change contest resulted in excellent educator-created proposals – posted at #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • #ESSA provides new opps to rethink how schools are organized, accountability is structured & teachers are supported. #NTCedchat – @EFoster11
  • #ESSa Title 2 funds can provide opps for investing in professional learning & innovative paths to develop teacher leaders. #NTCedchat @EFoster11
  • Agree with @efoster11 see example of using Title II along with other funds #NTCedchat @nietteach @kristanvanhook

Q3: Does your district regularly review available research when selecting teacher effectiveness interventions?

Q4: What are the most successful teacher effectiveness interventions currently in place in your district?

Q5: What role did available research play in your intervention selected by your district?

Q6: Teachers, what initiatives in your district are working to change the odds for your students?

  • #Teachers, here’s a chance to share what’s really working! #NTCedchat @tracykremer
  • .@teachplus is so great at bringing teacher voices, experiences and ideas into the conversation. #NTCedchat – @tracykremer
  • Building capacity for educators to identify learning gaps and develop responsive classroom strategies needs to be a priority  #NTCedchat @EFoster11
  • Educators need time to collaborate in order to make learning meaningful & relevant to each student – reorganize the day. #NTCedchat – @EFoster11
  • Yes! & ensure dedicated time for professional collaboration, coaching, and trained leaders to provide support @nietteach #NTCedchat #essa @kristanvanhook
  • Our grading & reporting and formative assessment work focused on feedback and student growth #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • Our Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow program provides instructional coaches to every school #NTCedchat @hklageman
  • Looking at wrap around svcs, focus on whole child & alignment of community resources  #NTCedchat  @maddief

Q7: Describe the mentoring /induction program you have in place currently.

Q8: How does your district measure your mentoring/induction program?

Q9: Teachers, what do you see working to help you grow as an educator?

Q10: Final Question – Are there resources that have been your “go to” on this topic? What are they?

What are your thoughts on the new federal education law and how it can help change the odds for students?

Share your insight on this and the above questions by using #NTCedchat on Twitter, and tagging @NewTeacherCtr. And if you’re interested in learning more about the topics covered above, download our “Change the Odds” eBook; a free resource presented to help you be an agent of change at your school.

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