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Webinar Recap: Let’s Play Ball! Bringing High-Quality Coaching to Your Team

By Lynn Kepp, NTC Sr. VP of Program Operations and Finance — 

At New Teacher Center, we believe that when we focus on teachers, the entire community succeeds. By accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers, experienced teachers and school leaders through high-quality coaching, we ultimately improve student learning. In our recent webinar “Let’s Play Ball! How to Bring High-Quality Coaching to Your Team,” we discussed how to improve the results of your coaching and professional learning programs with two of our successful partners who have experienced dramatic improvements at their schools.

Elisa Calabrese, former Assistant Superintendent and Chief Talent Development Officer for Broward County Public School District in Florida, and Kim Owen, Regional Manager for the Grant Wood Area Education Agency (GWAEA) in Iowa, both shared how they partnered with New Teacher Center to transform their coaching systems and improve student achievement. Calabrese and Owen walked webinar participants through an action plan template – which they each used to help identify specific pain points and move swiftly toward a solution. The steps outlined in this template can help districts create an action plan to overcome unique challenges, reduce teacher attrition and improve student achievement.

baseballfieldIn 2012, Broward County Public Schools was well aware that the landscape of education was changing and that their instructional staff was not prepared to implement new, more rigorous teaching and learning standards. District leaders recognized they had a misalignment of support systems for educators, leaving teachers without adequate and equitable opportunities to develop their skills.

Calabrese discussed how identifying this primary issue – that higher-quality, system-wide and aligned coaching and other professional learning supports was vital for their district’s successful implementation of more rigorous standards – led Broward to seek out NTC. Through the partnership with NTC, Broward was able to develop comprehensive and cohesive coaching practices, as well as an induction program that aligned with the same principles and common language used in coaching. You can see here how NTC is really making a difference in Broward.

GWAEA is partnering with small rural districts in Iowa to help reduce teacher attrition and improve student achievement. Although Iowa has had state-mandated mentor and induction policies in place since 2001, implementation varied from district to district, making it difficult to put a comprehensive system in place, especially with varying teacher attrition throughout the districts. Mentors and district leaders frequently expressed frustration with the existing one-to- one mentoring model, citing it as too cumbersome to maintain alongside their other responsibilities. In 2005, GWAEA partnered with NTC to address these pain points by designing a new consortium model of teacher induction, which made it possible to put a high-quality, evidence-based program in place that provided more consistency and stability, as well as more rigorous selection and preparation of coaches – plus the ability to maintain funding resources, regardless of the number of new teachers each year.

Watch the full webinar to gain more insight on how to improve your own coaching and professional learning programs from the experiences shared by Broward County Public School District and the GWAEA, and how a partnership with NTC can bring high-quality coaching to your team.

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Watch the recording of “Let’s Play Ball! How to Bring High-Quality Coaching to Your Team”

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