e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS)

New Teacher Center’s e-Mentoring for Student Success (eMSS) is an innovative, asynchronous online mentoring program that accelerates new teacher professional growth and supports retention.

Talented, experienced teachers are often in short supply. School leaders are not always able to release the few available from their classroom duties to mentor their newer colleagues. This is especially true in rural areas, small districts and hard to staff schools. Even with induction and mentoring programs in place, teachers may have nowhere to turn for support that’s specific to their content or exceptionality area.

NTC’s eMSS program is a cost-effective, high-quality, content and exceptionality-specific solution.

Proven Results in Teacher Effectiveness

Independent, third-party research found that eMSS participants attribute their learning and development specifically to support from mentors as well as reading, discussing, practicing and reflecting on their eMSS experience.

eMSS participants report significantly increased:

  • Ability to teach subject-specific content
  • Preparedness to teach challenging courses and curricula
  • Preparedness in basic teaching and classroom management skills
  • Willingness to experiment—particularly when traditional methods do not work
  • Overall teacher satisfaction and rejuvenation for teaching •
  • Encouragement to remain in the field

Partner Benefits

  • Improvements in new teacher skill level and understanding of content
  • Improved teacher satisfaction and retention
  • A ready to use solution
  • Research and curriculum-based support for new teachers that is continually evaluated and refined by both experts in the field and feedback from eMSS participants
  • Matching of new teachers with mentors who teach the same content/exceptionality and grade level(s) and can advance practice
  • The highest caliber mentors and facilitators in the country: 30% are Presidential Award recipients or finalists, over 40% are National Board Certified, over 70% have received state or national level recognition

New Teacher Benefits

  • One-on-one relationship with a mentor who has experience in the same teaching discipline or subject/exceptionality and grade level – not a mentor match based simply on proximity or convenience
  • Asynchronous access anytime, anywhere to a nationwide online network of educators and university faculty that facilitates the exchange of information, ideas and resources
  • A facilitated curriculum that focuses on content and pedagogy and guaranteed responses to questions
  • The opportunity to engage in conversation, exchange ideas on planning instruction, and reflect on classroom teaching with other beginning teachers as well as mentors working on similar goals
  • Personalized activities based on interests and needs
  • Flexible online tools and a technology interface that is easy to learn and use


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