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2021 Annual Report: Community Rising Together

NTC FY21 Annual Report

We’re excited to share our 2021 Annual Report: Community Rising Together.

We, along with our partners and supporters, have coached and built up educators in hundreds of school districts nationwide to better engage with young people by prioritizing the rich humanity of education. But we also feel the lingering pain, uncertainty, and anxiety of the past few years – from the pandemic to stark societal inequities. We know that despite our efforts, there remains real disparity in education throughout this country.

We will not shrink back from the need. It’s an extraordinary time for NTC to step up boldly. Our revitalized mission, relentless commitment, strategic priorities, and deep intentionality position us as never before to achieve a new vision for education equity.

Our communities need to see, feel, and believe that we’re fighting to make inclusive, thriving schools where everyone succeeds in heart and mind the norm.

Read Community Rising Together 2021 Annual Report

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