When we focus on leaders, our teachers and their students succeed

New Teacher Center’s Principal and Instructional Leadership Development is designed to accelerate principal practice to impact student learning.

Research shows that teachers are the single most important school-based determinant of student success and we know, in turn, that teacher success is deeply linked to the effectiveness of the principal and his or her ability to create an environment where teachers can thrive. However, the role of the principal and site and instructional leaders is changing.

The Changing Role of School Leaders

Once focused on operations and management, principals are now instructional leaders who must create thriving school cultures, drive instructional change by helping teachers to continuously improve their craft, perform data-driven analysis of student achievement and actively engage in the community.

What’s more, for teacher evaluation systems to become more meaningful and relevant, principals must gain new skills that allow them to make the leap from evaluating their teachers to developing their teachers and being able to provide feedback and encourage improvement.

We know that every district, every partner, and every school is different. NTC works in partnership with our district clients to help them prepare school leaders for today's challenges by creating programs and tailoing services that suit their specific needs and integrate with their human capital management strategies. At the same time, we bring our extensive knowledge and experience of coaching more than 8,000 school leaders nationwide to the benefit of our clients. Our services build on NTC’s organizational expertise in mentor-based induction and best practices in adult learning and center on two key offerings:

  1. Principal and Site Leadership Development – designed to support implementation of high-impact, comprehensive teacher induction programs
  2. Principal Induction – focused on accelerating new principal practice through job-embedded coaching by well-trained and supported coaches as an extension of aligned, high-quality induction programs.

Through targeted coaching, timely relevant ongoing professional development, and district leadership development, our partnerships around Principal and Instructional Leadership strengthen and build site principal and leadership capacity to develop positive and collaborative school cultures resulting in improved teacher performance and increased student achievement.

To discuss how a partnership with New Teacher Center can support your district’s principal and instructional leadership development needs, email info@newteachercenter.org or call 831.600.2200.